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Jessie's Seat Commemoration Train Journey - Saturday 29th February 2020

St Martha Parish Council

Timings have just been confirmed, please see below:

1238 Train arrives at Platform 13

1249 Train departs Reading Station

1319 Train departs Guildford Station, platform 5

1328 Train departs Chilworth Station

1331-1338 Train stops for approx. 5 mins at Jessies Seat

1341 Train departs Gomshall Station

1356 Train arrives Redhill (everyone stays on board). Platform 0

1400 Train departs Redhill

1414 Train arrives Gomshall

1418 – 1425 Train stops for approx. 5 mins at Jessies Seat

1427 Train arrives Chilworth

1435 Train arrives Guildford, platform 8

1513 Train arrives Reading, platform 13A.

Event ends  

For further information please look at and for a live 3-D preview as it affords a view of said topiary at 19.46, but to look out for the caption from 19.30.

Thank you to Network Rail for the photograph of the topiary chicken known as Jessie’s seat, the lineside memorial to Henry Wicks. You can read more about Jessie’s Seat here : Network Rail’s article about Jessie’s Seat