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The Chilworth Gunpowder Mills Heritage Trail

The Heritage Trail

Chilworth Gunpowder Mills Heritage Trail

The Chilworth Gunpowder Mills Heritage Trail is a wonderful way of exploring over 2km of paths around the Gunpowder Mills. The trail visits the Middle Works, a central section in a much larger area of industry along the Tillingbourne. The Middle Works were operational from the 1650s until 1920. To the east, past the Lockner Farm track, you will find the Upper Works (17th century and 1890s-1920). To the west, on the other side of Blacksmith Lane, are the Lower Works. These date from 1626, and later they become the service area of the gunpowder mills. The Upper and Lower works are on private land and are not accessible to the public.

The Heritage Guide is a leaflet which you can download and print. Please click here to open the leaflet. The leaflet contains the Heritage Map - which is also shown below - together with descriptions of what you will find on the trail.

The Heritage Trail Map

The Heritage Trail Map shown below is included in the Heritage Guide leaflet.

Chilworth Gunpowder Heritage Trail